iPulsus Squad X

In order to ensure the health and safety of both beginners and professional athletes, improve their fitness level, well-being, and promote the development of good habits, it is necessary to monitor the physiological parameters of trained individuals in real time. The obtained data helps determine the optimal physical load, distribute it according to individual physical condition, and ensure safety and training effectiveness.

iPulsus Squad X is primarily a qualified tool designed for monitoring and management of groups engaged in physical activity. It can be used both in sports club facilities and during outdoor activities in parks. The system was developed in collaboration with scientists from KTU and LSU, high-level engineers, and experts in smart textiles. The system allows for an objective assessment of group members’ response to the rhythm and workload dictated by the trainer. There is no more need to guess whether it is too difficult or too easy for them – with the iPulsus Squad X system, it is visible on a special trainer panel. The line between beginners and advanced individuals disappears because their efforts can be objectively measured and each group member’s workload can be managed separately, guaranteeing maximum results in the shortest time possible.

By using the system, clients are protected from overexertion, provided with additional motivation, and experience satisfaction from improved results.

Using the iPulsusTM Squad X system is incredibly simple for both the instructor leading the sessions and the participants in the group. With just a few clicks, real-time data is already displayed on the screen.

iPulsus HRV

iPulsus HRV mobile applications


Mobile applications with HRV for running, cycling, rowing, north walking and sports in the club.


All mobile applications are distinguished by:

– heart rate variability testing;  

– HRV training;

– e-consulting according to the current health state.


Adaptability. The system responds to the body’s real human condition at the present time (here and now).

Data analysis. The system collects, compiles, analyses and responds to individual physiological parameters (one of the most important parameters that is based on the developed methodology model – heart rate variability).

E-consulting. According to the daily condition, the person selects and adjusts the workout parameters, provides an assessment of each day.


We are introducing wellness programs for employees of companies who have sedentary or standing jobs, which were created in collaboration by the iVita cluster companies in 2018-2019. These wellness programs are characterized by individualization, new exercise routines tailored to the specific nature of the work, live consultations with trainers, and the use of innovative testing and stress-reducing equipment.

To implement a wellness program in your company, please contact us via email at info@defuturo.lt.

Reaction meter REKSAS

REACTION METER REKSAS PRO-RA-1 is a movement frequency meter designed to measure the duration of a person’s reaction to a red (danger) and green light and sound signal, and to assess the psychomotor characteristics of the human central nervous system (CNS). The device is suitable for athletes, selection of employees requiring assessment of CNS condition, medical post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Purpose of the reaction meter REKSAS PRO RA-1:

  • evaluation of psychomotor reaction speed;
  • Assessment of CNS functional status.


The device helps to quickly and accurately perform reaction time, Teping and other individually designed tests. The reaction time test determines the average, minimum and maximum reaction time, unevenness and provides a rating. The Teping test determines the normalized values ​​of CNS functional status and performance indicators: CNS mobility, asymmetry, fatigue, general CNS performance, anaerobic performance and anaerobic performance capacity.


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