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Health is strengthened through technology.

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About us

De Futuro is an ambitious mhealth company that brings together a team of highly skilled professionals, was established in 2011. One of the company’s tasks is to successfully coordinate the activities of the health technology cluster iVita, increase the existing community, advise its members and provide them with comprehensive assistance in selecting suitable R&D and innovation projects, solve health technology and biotechnology sector problems, and engage in international value chains creation.

Company also works with research and development of its own with the goal to develop and commercialize new  innovative mhealth products and services.

Successful administration of the iVita health cluster

Introducing new products to the market.

Scientific and experimental research in the field of health technology

Through scientific and experimental research in the realm of health technology, we transform innovations into tangible realities.

Our main activities are

We strive to become leaders in creating and implementing smart health technologies that transform people’s lives.

Coordination of cluster activities

Bringing various benefits to cluster members through business and project opportunities, attracting financing, sharing knowledge and experience, and fostering collaboration.

Long-term experience in participating in EU-funded projects

6BP, 7BP, Artemis, Eureka, Eurostars

Long-term experience in health technology development

Skills in overseeing knowledge acquisition processes through subcontracting

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List of key competencies

 Scientific research (electronics, smart textiles, sports, wellness)

Application of information technology as part of new products and services

Broad technical skills such as hardware and software development

Development of innovative products in the field of health technology

Implementation of health programs in workplaces.

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